The Malaysian government has emphasized on the importance of education as one of the most important sectors of growth for the country. With this in mind, the Ministry of Education and other related governmental bodies have made available many types of financial packages from banks, financial institutions, state departments, government-linked agencies and local organizations which basically offer scholarships, loans and financial aid to Malaysian students.

Cosmopoint College has a dedicated department called the Bursary and Financial Aid Department which helps students in their applications and processing for study loans from the various financial bodies. Students can request for details and forms from the department. The following financial bodies that provide aid are:-

• PTPTN loan is open to ALL DIPLOMA and DEGREE full-time students
  with a minimum of three (3) credits in SPM.
• Maximum loan approved for 3 year-DIPLOMA Program is RM 24,000
• Maximum loan approved for 3 year-DEGREE Program is RM 48,000


MARA loan is open to only BUMIPUTRA DIPLOMA students for 4 approved programs (as    stated below) that require a minimum five (5) credits in SPM including Bahasa Malaysia,    Mathematics and Science :-
1) Diploma Information Technology
2) Diploma Multimedia Application
3) Diploma Computerized Graphic Design
4) Diploma E-Business 

ADVANCED CERTIFICATE students from Cosmopoint College of Technology with CGPA 2.00 and a credit in Bahasa Malaysia in SPM are also eligible to apply for MARA loan when they proceed to DIPLOMA Program. 


• Students may opt for EPF withdrawal either from their own EPF Account
  II or their parents' account.
• EPF withdrawal can be made on a yearly basis.
• EPF withdrawal can also be used to reimburse fees which have been paid
  to the University/College.
• EPF withdrawal can also be used to settle study loans from loan sponsoring